Localize and track, in real time or deferred, the route of your vehicle (or personal tracking), through the GPS of an Android mobile handset with an internet connection (2G/3G/4G or Wifi).

Our free Mobile application GPSWebTrack© allows you to send, via an internet connection with a configurable frequency, your GPS positions to our server where it will be registered. If you lose internet connection, all your positions will be registered on your mobile handset (max. 200 positions). Once the internet connection is back, it can be automatically or manually sent to our server.

The visualization on a map (google map) is shown directly on our portal, where all of your positions and routes of all mobile handsets assigned to your account (max tree devices) will be grouped. You can exchange messages with your mobiles handsets and between mobiles using our application.

Through GPSWebTrack©, you can know the last position and/or track the movement of your children, persons you care about, your fleet of vehicles….etc.

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GPSWebTrack   GPSWebTrack

Application is ready for Android at Google Play
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